May 17, 2023

Case Study: Novello Delivers Projected Annual Savings of £416,000 to NHS Trust – with just 10 Nurses

Novello Healthcare reduces off-framework agency spend by up to 67% and delivers projected annual savings of up to £416,000 with just 10 nurses

Since October 2022, Novello Healthcare has supplied both theatre and general nurses to a hospital based in the Midlands.

Due to its remote location, the hospital struggles to attract agency nurses when it is unable to fill shifts with bank staff. Because of this, there has been little choice but to use a variety of expensive off-framework, last-minute nursing agencies. 

These agencies attract nurses from further afield by offering higher hourly rates within 48 hours of the shift – at great expense to the Trust and with a much larger proportion of the hourly rate going to the agency instead of the healthcare professional.

For example, some last minute-agencies typically charge £80ph for a shift, with £50ph being paid to the nurse and £30ph going to the agency. 

This is an eye-watering 37.5% leaving the healthcare system. 

How is Novello Healthcare Different?

Novello Healthcare is a different kind of nursing agency. Our mission is to save the NHS money. Every Novello employee is passionate about our mission, because we want as much money as possible to stay within the healthcare system, providing the best possible treatment for people in their time of need. 

Novello is able to supply agency nurses to hospitals across the UK at far lower and fairer margins because of significant investment in our app technology, which allows nurses to self-serve the labour-intensive processes such as compliance, revalidation and shift booking – safely and securely. 

Unlike traditional agencies, we don’t have the high overheads from employing large teams of recruiters, earning commission for the fees they charge and doing lengthy manual processes. This means we can pass these savings on directly to our healthcare clients.

Here’s how we did it.

When engaged by the hospital, our tech notified all interested nurses across the UK of the block bookings. 

Within hours, we presented 10 compliant nurses able to start immediately. 

Crucially, our hourly fee to the hospital was capped at just 33% of our competitors. 

The projected annual savings we are capable of delivering with just 10 nurses are mind-boggling.

Extrapolated over a year, just 10 nurses working 40 hours per week could deliver annual savings of £416,000. 

Yes you read that right. Do not adjust your set. Imagine how much it would be with more nurses?

Usually at this point, there’s a catch. But there isn’t one. 

Instead, this is what we stand for: 

  • Our compliance is rated Platinum by Neuven, the highest possible
  • We will be on framework in October 2023, and will further reduce our costs
  • The vast majority of our employees have worked for on-framework agencies previously
  • We are on-boarding c50 nurses every week who all agree there has to be a better way
  • We work closely with APSCO, a recruitment governing body whose members adhere to only the highest standards.

It really goes to show just how amazing technology can be when utilised properly and the savings shared. 

For more information, please contact our Managing Director Imam Uddin on

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