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New Starter Clinical Form

For a Fitness to Work certificate to be issued, we require you to complete the following questionnaire.

When completed, we will send the form along with your Immunisation reports to our Occupational Health partner (Healthier Business) who will conduct an assessment and issue the Fitness to Work certificate.

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Due to the nature of the role you have applied for we need to carry out an assessment of a new starter health questionnaire – even if you have been employed in UK health services before. The health of each candidate is considered individually and a decision regarding fitness for work in the prospective job role will be based on the functional effects of any underlying health condition/disability/impairment as well as health service requirements for fitness and immune status.

Before health clearance is given for employment you may be contacted by telephone from a clinician at Healthier Business UK Ltd, however you may also need to be seen by an occupational health advisor/specialist or physician, arrangements for face to face consultations will be arranged by your employer or agency. We may recommend adjustments or assistance following an assessment to enable you to carry out your proposed duties safely and effectively. Recommendations to your employer will be directed to essential information regarding your health and the hazards and risks of your employment and with due reference to other relevant statutory requirements and professional practice. Our aim is to promote and maintain the health of all individuals in the workplace: staff, service users and third parties. Your records will be retained electronically in accordance with best practice and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations. Your records will be held on file for the purposes of processing your request only and for no longer than is necessary, however your records may be subject to internal clinical audits. Your records may also be used to cross reference and ascertain your fitness should you register with other clients of Healthier Business UK Ltd.