Nov 9, 2023


Novello Healthcare is delighted to announce an exciting new feature in our app: Add Your Own Shifts!

Add Your Own Shifts pays a higher rate to our members who book their private hospital shifts direct, earning them up to £5000+ extra per year!

To qualify, all you have to do is select the site and add the shifts in the Novello app – et voila – you will be able to see the shift and escalated rate in your booked shifts!

Here’s our Co-founder & CEO Jane Couper to explain in detail:

We have an exciting new feature! 

But first, let me tell you why this feature is so important to me. 

I’ve run nursing agencies for 15 years now. Like all businesses we have to charge this fee in return for a service. That service to you, the nurse or ODP, in its most simple term is finding / confirming work and processing your timesheet. To do this we have to do a lot more than this behind the scenes; making and keeping all our workers compliant for work, winning and servicing new contracts, building relationships with the hospitals, coordinating all the bookings, processing the timesheets and invoicing…..there’s lots involved! 

However, in recent years I’ve worked with the private sector alongside the NHS and in a lot of these hospitals our wonderful staff build their own relationship with the hospital and then book themselves in. In this scenario, we shouldn’t charge the same fee as we’re only doing half the work! So I believe that it’s important and right to recognise this and pass this saving on to our self-booking nurses and ODPs as a thank you for doing half our job!

Of course, as with anything in this agency world, it’s not quite as straightforward as that. In our supply to large groups of hospitals we have to sign up to their terms, and where a worker is PAYE we are contracted to that rate whether it’s booked by us or the worker. However, where workers are under an umbrella we are only contracted to the charge to the client, so we can allow a little more pay in return for a worker booking their own shift. In some of our smaller private hospitals, the contract is on our terms and so we allow this flexibility on both PAYE and Umbrella rates. 

So when we launched our app, I wanted to make sure that we have the ability to reward our amazing workers that book directly with the site with a higher pay rate wherever possible, and this is our new feature that I’m very proud to announce is now live in our app! You can add your own shifts into your schedule, and by doing this you will automatically access the best possible rate for that client. This also helps you see all your shifts in one place, whether it be shifts you’ve agreed to or whether we have booked them for you, they will all show in your lovely availability schedule so you have complete transparency of your bookings and pay. 

We have lots of plans for further reward schemes – this is just the first one but I hope you love it and share it with your friends and colleagues that maybe aren’t getting any reward for booking their own shifts. It’s time you all reap the rewards for the wonderful job that you do and we’re on a mission to make this happen!

We’ve included two case studies below from our members who are already using this functionality, just so everything is crystal clear! For any questions, don’t hesitate to email

Best wishes,


Jane Couper
Co-founder & CEO


Read Sion’s story here!

“I have been working in the private sector for the last few years through various agencies, and after my first couple of shifts in each location, I find that I then book my own shifts directly with the theatre manager or co-ordinator. 

As a full-time agency worker I am reliant on getting at least 40 hours a week so that I can pay my bills, and found that in the private sector I can make this happen by building my own network and relationships in hospitals nearby. 

However, it was frustrating that I would get paid the same rate regardless of whether I booked my own shift or the agency found that shift for me. Now I book 99% of my own shifts, I always have over 40 hours a week and all my agency does for me is process my timesheet, so when I got to know the team at Novello and learned of their higher rate in return for booking my own shifts, it was a no-brainer for this to become my first choice agency. 

Through this escalated rate, I earn around £80-100 per week more which adds up to £4.5-5k per year more! 

And now I can add my own shifts into the app using the ‘add my own shift’ feature, it makes it really easy for me to see what I have booked and where I might have a day that I need a shift for. I have complete transparency on the rate I’m going to be paid, and progress of my timesheet. When I do need an extra shift, the team at Novello works really hard to find me a suitable shift and keep me updated with their progress.”

Read Phee’s story here!

“I’ve been working with Novello for over 18 months, and they have always offered me a higher rate for any shifts that I book myself. They have an appreciation that I am doing the booking for them and so it’s great to get rewarded for this. I’m saving for a house, so every penny counts. I know that by booking 40 hours a week with Novello, I’m earning an extra £80 per week – that’s £4k extra each year towards my new home!

I was recently asked by one of the team how I was finding the app and to give any feedback. The app is great, but I suggested that the one thing that was missing was the ability to add my own shifts to my schedule to help me stay organised. I wanted to be able see all the shifts I have booked regardless of whether I have booked them myself or they have been booked by Novello, so it’s easy to see what days I still have available. Now, with the add your own shift feature, not only can I see that I’m getting £2 an hour more on the shifts that I’ve booked directly with the site, but I can also see at a glance what shifts I have booked, and which days I still need.

I’m so excited that this has been listened to and now the new feature is live!”

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