Aug 22, 2023

Download The New Novello App!

Whoop whoop – Novello Healthcare is delighted to announce that the new Novello app is now live and ready for download!

Whether you’re a nurse, ODP or theatre professional, the Novello app has everything to make you happy and appy – you won’t be disappointed!

Current features for your approval, appraisal, appreciation and applause include:

  • Booked Shifts
    See all your previously booked shifts – whether it’s complete or upcoming!

  • Pay
    See your previous and upcoming earnings with Novello. See how much you’ve been paid each week, what payments are being processed and much more!

  • Availability
    Keep your calendar up to date so that we can tell hospitals in your area when you’re free to work!

  • Documents
    No more headaches keeping your compliance up to date – easily upload documents on the Novello app and we’ll do the rest!

  • Join Novello
    Become a member of Novello Healthcare – anytime, anywhere! The easiest registration you’ve seen so far!

Appearing soon!

  • View All Shifts
    Browse thousands of available shifts every day across England and Wales – refine your search by filtering on locations, date, rate, time, specialty!
  • Book Shifts
    Once you find the shifts that match your preferred criteria above, simply book them on the Novello app and they’re yours!

  • Tailored Shift Alerts
    Be instantly notified when new shifts that match your criteria become available – so you never miss out on any of the shifts you want again!

Our shiny appy people are working hard to apply more appealing tech to capptivate you each week, which will become apparent in the approaching months!

Please accept our sincere appologies for our appalling app puns – we promise it won’t happen again. Perhapps!

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