Oct 12, 2023

Novello CEO to Co-Chair APSCo Clinical & Healthcare Sector

I have an exciting announcement! 

I have been asked to Co – Chair the APSCo Clinical & Healthcare Sector, what a privilege! 

APSCo (The Association of Professional Staffing Companies) have been representing professional recruiters since 1999. It provides a powerful unified voice for the Professional Recruitment market and is proud to represent, promise and support vibrant and innovative sectors of the recruitment industry. 

I first came across APSCo when tendering for the NHS frameworks a few years ago. It’s compulsory to be a member of either REC or APSCo to be an approved supplier to the NHS. From the moment I reached out to APSCo for more information I found them to be engaging, authentic and full of relevant information. They soon became my go to, not just for legal and compliance updates that I could rely on to be up to date and correct, but to talk with people that are going through the same challenges, and for market intelligence that helps us make key strategic decisions. 

I’ve attended many APSCo events over the last few years, both online and in person. I have met some great people, either fellow APSCo members or APSCo Trusted Partners that can support our journey. 

The Clinical & Healthcare Sector meetings are held every quarter and provide a forum to debate the sector’s current challenges and issues facing the sector. Discussions regularly cover legal and compliance, best practices, market conditions, regulatory matters and public policy with some really interesting guest speakers to help facilitate these discussions. 

I’m excited to Co-Chair these events, helping to organise the guest speakers and push forward the issues that need tackling in our sector. I’m sure I will meet some amazing people along the way and hope that more healthcare organisations will join APSCo as we move through some challenging years ahead. 

Most importantly, I’m excited to work alongside the APSCo team and APSCo members to influence the healthcare market and find a sustainable workforce model for the NHS and other healthcare organisations in the UK. We truly believe our technology can help to do this, but we won’t do it alone. Exceptional things can only happen when working in collaboration with others and APSCo certainly knows how to bring together great minds for innovation and action. 

For more information on APSCo events and how to join, please visit https://www.apscouk.org/


Jane Couper
CEO & Co-founder

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