Jul 27, 2022

Nurse jobs near me: How does Novello Healthcare work?

Nurse Jobs Near Me: Novello Healthcare is a nationwide nursing agency covering all of England and Wales. We work with both NHS Trusts and private hospitals, which means we offer a wide spectrum of agency roles to healthcare professionals such as nurses, theatre staff and ODPs.


      Nurse jobs near me: What specialties does Novello Healthcare cover?

      Because we have shifts in both NHS Trusts and private hospitals, Novello requires members with the following specialties:

      Theatre jobs

      • Anaesthetic
      • Major Orthopaedic Scrub
      • OPD
      • Recovery
      • Scrub Nurse

      NHS jobs

      • Band 5 Nurse
      • Band 6 Nurse
      • RGN
      • Paeds / Paediatrics

      High paying nursing agency near me: How much does Novello Healthcare pay?

      When you join Novello, you can work easy in the knowledge that every hour of every single shift you work pays you the absolute maximum possible. Here’s how:

      Novello Healthcare charges our partners a low, flat fee per hour – as opposed to a percentage charged by traditional agencies or high flat fees charged by last minute agencies.

      This means there is no other nursing agency which could pay you as much for the same shift.

      Best nursing agency near me: What makes Novello Healthcare different?

      Novello Healthcare was born out of a passion to help protect healthcare professionals.

      Our cutting-edge app allows our members to book shifts, update compliance, show availability, see payments – all with complete transparency around pay and rewards.

      Without the need for large teams of recruiters, these savings are passed directly to our members in the form of higher pay rates.

      Instead, we employ a smaller team of a highly experienced, technical healthcare professionals who are dedicated to serving the healthcare sector.

      We drive quality by rewarding these employees on customer feedback, quality of service and compliance. Not sales.

      Different enough for you?

      Register now, or call us to discuss how we can help.

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