Jul 1, 2024

Webinar: UK Elections 2024 – Impact on NHS & Healthcare Staffing Firms

Novello Healthcare CEO & Co-founder was recently asked to appear on the following webinar:

UK Elections & Its Impact on NHS: Opportunities & Challenges for Healthcare Staffing Companies

The United Kingdom stares down the prospect of a general election in July 2024. With the NHS facing challenges, including staff shortages, funding constraints, and increasing service demand, all political parties have acknowledged the importance of the nation’s healthcare and NHS. But what plans do they have for its future?

We have our take. Get the thought leaders’ perspective on the impact of UK elections on the healthcare staffing industry, offering insights on how to seize opportunities and navigate challenges.

What to expect:

  1. The current challenges faced by healthcare staffing companies and the NHS.
  2. How the upcoming UK elections will impact healthcare staffing companies.
  3. The opportunities and challenges for healthcare staffing companies post-elections.
  4. Powerful strategies for staffing firms to excel and succeed in the dynamic NHS environment.
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