May 14, 2024

Major Ortho Scrubs Needed in Essex! 💥

Essex Major Ortho Scrub Jobs: Novello Healthcare needs Major Ortho Scrubs in Essex – details below! 🚀

📍 Colchester, Essex, East of England
💼 Umbrella & PAYE
🏦 Escalated self-book rates available!

💰 Rates (Umbrella)
£39.18 Weekday
£42.24 Saturday Day
£45.29 Sunday Day

I’m interested! 🚀
To book or for more info, call 0333 307 8897 

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Call the number above and we’ll get your profile sorted asap!

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Novello Healthcare has high-paying Major Ortho Scrub jobs in Essex – join us today!

Our registration process is super quick and pain-free, so you can register in under 60 seconds and get compliant in as little as 24 hours!

We add new hospitals every week so even if we don’t have what you need right now, we’ll let you know when we do in our regular newsletters.

View our map below to see details of our hospitals across Essex or read more about us here.

Find out about our current rates across the East of England and wider UK by calling our friendly team on 0333 307 8897

Essex Major Ortho Scrub Jobs Map


      10 Things to do in Essex

      1. Visit Colchester
        Explore Britain’s oldest recorded town, Colchester, which boasts a rich history, including its impressive castle and beautiful gardens.
      2. Relax on the Beaches
        Enjoy the coastal beauty of Essex by visiting beaches like Southend-on-Sea or Frinton-on-Sea for a relaxing day by the water.
      3. Explore Epping Forest
        Take a walk or cycle through Epping Forest, a vast ancient woodland that offers scenic trails and picturesque landscapes.
      4. Discover Rural Villages
        Explore charming rural villages like Finchingfield or Dedham, known for their picturesque cottages, quaint pubs, and scenic countryside.
      5. Enjoy Water Sports
        Try your hand at various water sports activities such as sailing, kayaking, or windsurfing at locations like Essex Marina or Thorpe Bay Yacht Club.
      6. Visit Historic Sites
        Discover Essex’s history by visiting landmarks such as Audley End House, a grand Jacobean mansion, or the Cressing Temple Barns, dating back to the 13th century.
      7. Shop at Markets and Boutiques
        Explore local markets like Colchester Market or Dedham Art & Craft Centre for unique gifts, antiques, and artisanal products.
      8. Indulge in Culinary Delights
        Sample Essex’s culinary delights at traditional pubs, fine dining restaurants, and local eateries serving fresh seafood and regional specialties.
      9. Family Fun at Adventure Parks
        Spend a fun-filled day with family at adventure parks like Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park or Colchester Zoo, home to a wide variety of animals.
      10. Attend Festivals and Events
        Check out Essex’s calendar of events for festivals, concerts, and cultural events happening throughout the year, such as the Colchester Food and Drink Festival or the Clacton Airshow.
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