Nov 10, 2022

Major Orthopaedic Scrub Required In Birmingham!

Appollo Healthcare needs a Major Orthopaedic Scrub in Birmingham, by order of the Peaky Blinders!

Cillian Murphy “kindly” asks your presence for the following appointment:

Rates: £41.12ph – £43.37ph
Location: Birmingham private hospital
Duration: 6 – 12 month block booking
Shifts: 3 – 6 per week
Shift times: 07:30 – 20:00 + early finishes
Speciality: Major orthopaedic

To apply, please contact Appollo team superstar Caitlin Haughton or visit the Novello website:

☎️ 0333 307 8897
📱 07467 101 577

Sorry you weren’t the star this time Tom Hardy. Not sorry. AT ALL. Make Layer Cake 2 then we’ll consider it you beautiful, beautiful man.

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