Oct 26, 2023

Vaccination / Health Screening Nurses Needed for shifts at multiple locations across England!

Vaccination Nurse Jobs: Novello Healthcare needs nurses for both Flu and Health Screening Clinics at the locations below across England! 💥 

📍 Brighton
📍 Liverpool
📍 London
📍 Manchester
📍 Milton Keynes
📍 Oxford

💼 Vaccination / Health Screening
☀️ Monday – Friday
📅 Ongoing
🏦 Umbrella
💰 £30.00

I’m interested! 🚀
To book or for more info, call 0333 307 8897 

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Call the number above to get your profile sorted!

UK Locations


      Vaccination Nurse Jobs

      Novello Healthcare has high-paying vaccination nurse jobs across England – join us today!

      Our registration process is super quick and pain-free, so you can register in under 60 seconds and get compliant in as little as 24 hours!

      We add new hospitals every week so even if we don’t have what you need right now, we’ll let you know when we do in our regular newsletters.

      View our map above to see details of our hospitals across the UK or read more about us here.

      To find out about our current rates, call our friendly team on 0333 307 8897

      What is a Vaccination Nurse?

      A vaccination nurse, often referred to as a “vaccine nurse” or “immunisation nurse,” is a registered nurse or licensed healthcare professional who specialises in administering vaccines to individuals to protect them from various infectious diseases. Their responsibilities typically include:

      1. Administering Vaccines
        Vaccine nurses are trained to administer vaccines safely and effectively, following proper injection techniques to ensure the vaccine is delivered correctly.
      2. Patient Education
        They provide information to patients about the importance of vaccination, potential side effects, and the benefits of immunisation.
      3. Assessing Eligibility
        Vaccine nurses assess patients’ eligibility for specific vaccines by reviewing their medical history and any contraindications or allergies that might affect vaccination.
      4. Record Keeping
        They maintain accurate records of the vaccines administered, including the type of vaccine, date, dosage, and patient information, in compliance with healthcare regulations.
      5. Monitoring Adverse Reactions
        Vaccine nurses are trained to recognize and manage any adverse reactions or side effects that may occur after vaccination.
      6. Ensuring Proper Storage and Handling
        They are responsible for the proper storage and handling of vaccines, as vaccines must be stored at specific temperatures to remain effective.
      7. Staying Informed
        Keeping up to date with the latest guidelines and recommendations for vaccinations is essential, as new vaccines and guidelines are regularly introduced.

      Vaccine nurses often work in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, public health departments, schools, and pharmacies. They play a crucial role in public health by contributing to the prevention and control of infectious diseases through vaccination programs. Their work helps protect individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable illnesses.

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